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Work Desk

Insurance and Fees

Here at Charleston Integrative Counseling, we choose to work outside of the insurance networks for a variety of reasons:

1) We want our clients to be able to determine the length, frequency, and type of therapy they receive. When you use your insurance plan to obtain therapy, the insurance companies can often dictate how long you can be in therapy or even what kind of therapy you can receive.

2) Client privacy and protection. When using insurance to pay for therapy, a mental health diagnosis is required which then goes onto your permanent medical record, possibly creating an impact when applying for life and medical insurance coverage, or possibly limiting future employment opportunities.  By being out-of-network and private pay, we can allow our clients the highest degree of privacy, flexibility, and control of their medical records allowed by South Carolina state law.

Rate Information

Individual Counseling: $110 per session  (50 minutes)

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