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Performance Therapy

The Need

Mental and emotional health play a key role in athletic performance.  Would you like to perform at your peak level?  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you understand how your thoughts and core beliefs drive your emotions and behaviors.  You will learn to live less reactively and move into a place of awareness and intention. As most of every sport is primarily played "between the ears," you will learn to become a more steady and focused player. 

My Story

As a former collegiate basketball player, I am aware as an adult of how much 20 years with a team on the hardwood has impacted my life.  I am stronger, more confident, more resilient, and a better leader and teammate because of my experience.  However, if I could sit with my 20-year-old self and discuss what I now know about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I would do it in a second.  These skills would have been invaluable to me as I rode the emotional roller-coaster of each season.  

The Vision

As my practice has grown over the years, my heart is continually drawn back to the athletes.  I know the struggle, and it is my joy to walk with them.

Please email me if you would like to set up a meeting about working together. 

Let's Work Together. 

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