Image by Luke Ellis-Craven

Individual Counseling

One on one support when you need it most. 

Since beginning my journey as counselor over 13 years ago, I have had the opportunity to support people of all ages with all sorts of presenting distresses.  I have found that sitting with a person in an individual counseling session is a weighty honor, and I take it very seriously.  One of my favorite experiences as a professional is to witness a client experience the feeling of hope for the first time in a while.    


For my clients, individual counseling is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during transition to motherhood, as well as other challenging times in life. I work from a cognitive behavioral approach, mixing in mindfulness techniques as needed.  These techniques have a proven track record when used to relieve the symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders.  

Individual Counseling can be set up as an in office session or an online session.