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Collaborative Partners

Mental Health is not just in your head. The whole body is involved. 

We partner with practitioners who understand this connection.

Image by Bill Oxford

Caroline Smythe, MD

Dr. Smythe practices functional psychiatry in Charleston, focusing more on the treatment of the root causes of illness rather than the symptoms.

Using the holistic approach of Functional Medicine, Dr. Smythe, in partnership with each individual, gets to the root causes.


The result is better health overall.

Dr. Smythe works with those with depression and mood symptoms, anxiety, ADHD, addictions, insomnia, eating disorders, cognitive decline and those on the autism spectrum. 

For more information, please visit 


Erin Stein, CNM

Erin is a 


Brian Reindhardt, MD

Neighbors Med is a direct primary care practice located on Remount Road, on the border of Hanahan and North Charleston. We offer exceptional primary care at a great value, unlike anything else you will find in this area.

Using a direct primary care model, we operate outside the traditional health insurance system. By using this model, we are able to build genuine relationships with our patients, offer our patients unparalleled access to their physician, at an affordable price—an exceptional value. We love this model of caring for people because we are on mission to serve our neighbors, both locally and afar.

If you are not familiar with direct primary care, please visit our website (, call our office (843-410-5608), connect with us through Facebook, or email Dr. Reinhardt directly ( If you would like to schedule a time to visit our office and discuss our care, we would be grateful for the opportunity to share with you, at no charge of course. We want to serve you…our neighbors.

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