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Before Baby Arrives, Do These 4 Things

As a culture, we tend to think that preparing for baby is all about gathering up all of the items needed for the nursery. We stock up on diapers and wipes and cute outfits and blankets. We interview pediatricians, take birthing classes, and write out our birth plans.

A big gap, though, is that forget to plan for our mental health. I have got to be more proactive in this area. Here are four items to check off of your list before baby that will help you prepare your emotions for postpartum and beyond.


1. Learn about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

What are they? How prevalent? When can they occur? What are the common symptoms for each disorder? What are my risk factors? This post is a good start.

2. Plan for your self-care (and your partner’s)

-Plan to date your spouse (put your date nights in the calendar and plan around them.

- Read this post for Step by Step instructions on planning for postpartum

3. Do some proactive therapy (individual and Couples)

Learn to be aware of what you are thinking about and how it relates to your emotions and behaviors. Learn what your deep-seeded self-beliefs are and how they affect you on the daily. - SCHEDULE WITH ME if you are a South Carolina Resident.

Listen to this podcast episode about emotionally focused couples therapy (my favorite kind)

4. Build Your Tribe

Learn how to assemble a squad that will help you succeed in your mom role.

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