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Hack Pregnancy Nutrition with Smoothies

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Let's talk for a second about an easy way to hack into better nutrition during pregnancy (or any time of life). I've given it away in the title - It's the smoothie.

Here are the reasons:

- Smoothies are quick to make.

- You can easily hide a ton of nutrition in them.

- You can drink them over a longer period of time. This will help keep nausea at bay and also help to regulate blood sugar (always an issue for me during pregnancy).

- Smoothies are easy to digest, and therefore easier on your system.

-You can get a nice extra serving of green leafy veggies.

Pregnant women need about 25 extra grams of protein a day (that can be achieved by adding one shake)

Remember that a smoothie a day is beneficial, but simply adding a healthy smoothie will not offset poor nutritional choices for the rest of the day. Believe me when I say that I understand pregnancy cravings. I have heard rumors of a woman who looks just like me eating an entire pizza while pregnant and making an obscene gesture when questioned about it. (I don't think the stories are true.) However, this Mrs Hyde can be overcome. And we should try and overcome her. One great strategy is by stocking your pantry and refrigerator with wise food choices. By doing this, you can make things easier on yourself when the cravings hit. If there are no cinnamon cereal squares in the house, it is easier to say NO at to that 10 PM hunger alarm and make a wiser choice. (Pop a handful of pumpkin seeds and a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth and call it a night.) We owe it to our baby, and we owe it to ourselves. The nutritional choices that we make are not only preparing us and the baby from a nutritional standpoint, but we are setting our bodies up from an emotional standpoint as well.

Let me take a second and share some things that I have learned in my years of smoothie making.

When preparing your smoothie, be mindful of the pitfall of "over fruiting." Sugar is sugar, so don't overdo it here. The best fruit choices for health are berries. I normally buy a big bag of frozen berries and grab from that each morning.

Another quick smoothie hack that I will share is that I freeze my greens. Whether I am using kale, spinach, or any random green left over from my garden, I keep them in big bags in my freezer, and put them in the blender frozen each morning. I like to crunch them up in the bag and then just pour the amount I want into the blender.

Finally, I find that I am sensitive to caffeine. It can make me super jumpy really fast. But, if I add my cup of coffee to my smoothie, I can drink it over the course of the morning and the calories in the smoothie keep me from feeling jittery.

This is my favorite kind of clean, plant-based protein powder - find it here.

The ingredients in this recipe are high in antioxidants, provide a good serving of omega 3s, and provide the extra protein needed for the day.

Without further ado, here is my go-to super-simple recipe.

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