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How to Build a Mom Tribe

Let’s talk for a second about the term "mom tribe".

This term gets thrown around a lot without a clear understanding as to what is really is. For most people, the term may bring to mind something like this...

While a group of friends you like to have fun with may be a type of tribe, this is not everything we need as a mom (but we do need this too from time to time).

When we think of where the word tribe actually derives from, the meaning of our modern term suddenly has a few more layers.

A tribe is different from a group of girlfriends. A tribe is a group of people who support one another in a more specific way. A useful tribe is made up of many parts that add value to the community. Each having a particular skill that helps the whole group work more smoothly.

Kind of like on of these.

When building a mom tribe for yourself, it is important to keep these things in mind.

  • Choose positive people.

  • Ask yourself if this person adds value to your life. Side note- some relationships involve you in the serving role with not much in return. That is ok in certain circumstances, however that person would not be the best choice for your tribe unless they bring something to the table in return.

  • Ask yourself, "Does this person respect me and honor me?"

  • Ask yourself, "Does this person give me an opportunity to grow?"

  • Ask yourself, "Can this person help me succeed?"

Here are some examples of people you may want to have in your mom-tribe

  • A mentor - someone who is just a little bit ahead of you on the motherhood road

  • A traveling buddy - someone who is in your same season as a mom

  • A therapist - especially one who practices proactive mental health

  • A caring pediatirition who shares your values

  • A go-to babysitter

  • A postpartum doula

  • A cleaning crew!!

  • People to laugh with

  • Pelvic Floor PT

Building these support structures around yourself is a very important part of motherhood.

Ever heard of the statement – it takes a village to raise a child? Guess what - The village is not for the child. The village is for the parent.

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