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Why I Love Being a Therapist

I am an encourager. I am a positive thinker. I have always been that way.

For me, working with moms and helping with anxiety and depression was something that I felt drawn to. I am an anxiety sufferer myself, and I had a pretty significant bout with something called perinatal OCD during my third pregnancy. After I recovered, I knew I had to help other moms who were wearing shoes like the ones that weighed me down. That is the main reason that I do what I do.

Another big reason is that I believe that cognitive behavioral therapy coupled with nutritional therapy works.

It worked for me, and I see it work for clients month after month. It makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes when I think of the short-sighted stigma that still surrounds mental health. It is not like we don’t have the scientific research to back up what we are all shouting from the rooftops. Therapy Works! Bad nutrition is linked to poor mental health! Find and therapist and see for yourself.

I love it when the client begins to see improvement.

I love when the changes in thinking and nutrition begin to show obvious results and the client is excited about them. CBT is so action focused that this doesn’t take long to gain traction and deeper awareness.

The former athlete in me loves to help someone draw up a game plan and then to support her while she carries it out. I take my job very seriously. I still get jitters when I sit with someone for the first time. It is the highest honor for me to get to help people so intimately, to be trusted by them to help carry their fears in a respectful way, all the while, encouraging them as they become more aware of their own strength.

I can’t see myself doing anything else.

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